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    Маса за научни експерименти

    7.490 ден

    Димензии 73 x 11 x 37.49 cm;
    Возраст 4+

    На залиха


    • OVER 15 EXPERIMENTS & CREATIONS: Get your budding scientist off to wonderful start. Conduct experiments and build devices like a Digger, Zoetrope, Gravity Vehicle, Wind Maker and more. Little scientists aged 4 years and up can let their imagination run wild and even come up with their own experiment
    • A LITTLE INVENTOR’S BUILDING SET: This scientific workbench gives children a chance to interact with the physical world. The experiments teach your little one about basic physics principles including momentum, gravity, persistence of vision, and conservation of energy among others
    • STEAM EDUCATION: Stimulate their curiosity and understand the secrets of physics. Can the frog cross the two tables? Why is there a moving picture through the zoetrope? Develop logical thinking and an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) principles
    • DESIGNED FOR SMALL HANDS & ALL SKILL LEVELS: From budding scientist to chief science officer this kit has something for all skill levels. The 79-piece workbench contains everything your kid will need to conduct experiments. Round edges make the wooden building set safe for little fingers


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